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Introducing Maison Berger

Introducing Maison Berger

Maison Berger is the chicest way to both purify the air in the room and spread a lovely scent. It is the perfect combination of luxury and functionality.

This unique air purification system has been in use since 1898 and is still a much wanted item in the home. Learn more about the interesting history of the Lampe Berger and other Maison Berger items - you will fall in love with each piece.

Satisfying French Scents

Maison Berger creates scents with pure elegance. Each bouquet of aromas evokes its own feeling, like a piece of art imprinted in your mind.

What sets this brand apart is that it places the highest standards for each of its home fragrance products. There is an intensity that you don’t find elsewhere, inspired by the French love for richness and luxury.

Each Maison Berger design is a timeless piece and each fragrance is instantly memorable. Each scent has been carefully tailored by world class perfumers according to French tradition.

In its lifespan of over a century, Maison Berger has acquired many iconic fans and collaborators including Coco Chanel, Colette and Jean Cocteau and even Picasso.

Their most recent awe-inspiring collections feature designs from Matali Crasset and Jonathan Adler.

Lampe Berger - Where It All Began

In 1898, pharmacy dispenser Maurice Berger created the original Lampe Berger. At the time, its main function was to purify the air in hospital rooms.

Explained very simply, burning the wick of the Lampe Berger creates a catalytic zone. In this catalytic zone, the alcohol content inside the bottle oxidizes and in doing so also removes unwanted odours.

As a result, the surrounding air is cleaned. It only requires 20 minutes to clear 50 square feet of space of foul smells and even some bacteria. It can bring relief to those with allergies and other olfactory sensitivities.

Today, the beauty of a Lampe Berger is no longer confined to hospital rooms. Maison Berger Paris has grown into an international leading brand in home fragrances.

The design has been refined into a gorgeous ornament that in addition to purifying also diffuses a pleasant scent. Not only will the air quality in the room improve, it also makes the room smell lovely.

How to Use the Lampe Berger

Using the Lampe Berger is simple when you follow these steps.

Step 1: Fill the bottle to about 2/3 with your favourite Maison Berger Paris scent. Adding more than this won’t intensify the scent - there needs to be some air inside the bottle for oxidization.

Step 2: Place the bruleur funnel inside the bottle and let it soak up the fragrance for a few minutes. Leave the stopper cap on.

Step 3: Remove the stopper cap and light the wick. It is normal for the flame to gradually become smaller.

Step 4: Let the wick burn for just 2 - 3 minutes before blowing it out again.

Step 5: Place the open diffuser cap over the wick. Make sure not to touch the Lampe Berger to avoid getting burned.

Step 6: Let the fragrance diffuse for 20 - 60 minutes depending on the size of the room and the intensity that you prefer.

Step 7: If you feel that the room is scented enough you can replace the diffuser cap with the stopper cap at any time. This will stop the scent from spreading any further.

Expert Tips

Tip 1: If you are using a new Lampe Berger, let the bruleur funnel soak for approximately 20 minutes before lighting it. After its first use, the fragrance will have been absorbed better and won’t need time to soak.

Tip 2: Each Maison Berger fragrance is specifically created for each Maison Berger diffuser. Its composition has the ideal level of each component which won’t match with fragrances from other brands nor different types of diffusers.

Tip 3: It is possible to alter the intensity of the fragrances by adding a few drops of Neutre Air Pur.

The Maison Berger Paris Collection

Maison Berger Paris is an expert in home fragrances. Explore the different elements in each collection and have each room smell like a dream.

The Lampe Berger - Catalytic Lamp

Its air purifying qualities are a welcome relief for those with olfactory sensitivities and allergies. Not only will the room smell amazing, your lungs will be grateful.

This scent diffuser can be placed in any room. Its iconic shapes are a great addition to your interior design.

Mist Diffusers

The mist diffuser is modernized to let you fully enjoy its aromachological benefits. You have full control over both the fragrance intensity and the diffusion duration.

The aroma diffusers can help you get better rest at night when placed in the bedroom. Reserve a spot on your desk if you are in need for invigoration during work.

Reed Diffusers

This type of fragrance diffuser barely requires any effort. All you need to do is replace the fragrance every few weeks and the room will smell lovely 24/7.

Fragrance diffusers are an excellent addition to bathrooms and hallways. You will be embraced by a welcoming scent as you enter with the least possible maintenance.

Scented Candles

Lighting scented candles can transform the atmosphere of the room. By choosing Maison Berger candles you are choosing a more sustainable product: each candle is made with 100% natural botanical and vegan wax.

Scented candles can easily be moved from room to room, wherever you want an extra layer of luxury. Keep a few different scented candles to match your different moods and occasions.

Car Diffusers

The Maison Berger Paris car diffuser kits make your daily commute more relaxing. It is an elegant replacement for the flimsy car air fresheners that hang from the rear view mirror. Each diffuser lasts for up to 4 weeks.

Each car diffuser kits is meant to be placed on the air vents of the car. This creates the ideal conditions for the fragrance to spread.


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